A Birthday Word

I've always enjoyed birthdays. While many people don't, ruing the lengthening span from birth to present, I revel in the lack of finitude we're each granted. Get the most out of it, I say. Blaze Starr comes to mind.

On each natal day (yesterday was mine), I always look for a sign, some token of how I got from there to here. Sometimes I marvel at what brought that one ovum and one spermatozoon together, two cells only, to create such a conglomeration contra mundum.

As I say, each birthday, I look for an omen, and have always gotten one. (We'll ignore my mother quizzing me that April many decades ago in my powerlifting days as to whether I was using steroids or not, and my response).

So, yesterday, I got my wish, doubly. Both from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

First, in the comic strip, Dilbert says, "People are just fish plus time." I suspect that line would fall flat in Kansas.

And then in the language column which runs on Wednesdays, I learned a new word which I quite like:

sapiosexual: (n) someone who is sexually attracted to intelligent people.

The Shelley take again. 

For Mike's benefit, I'll mention that you can also append an -ist suffix when visiting England. Or prefix it with the modifier "stinking." And, it can also be used as an adjective, but never as an adverb, which helps to avoid drunken frays at keggers.

A new word for a new year! What more could one want?

Next installment: Proactive, Schmoactive

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