What Boys Want

Urges are funny, especially to a teen who first begins to feel them. For that matter, they're just as strange to the adult who's been forced by society to repress them. 

There are so many aspects to urges, such as:
  • there's no explaining from whence they come
  • everyone denies they exist, except the person feeling them
  • words always seem inadequate to the task of encapsulating urges (but vocabulary grows with the years for those who don't flee)
  • De Sade understood, but unfortunately his works are not on most home bookshelves
  • if one tries to confess these urges, friends are always incredulous
  • they are potent and occupy both the conscious and unconscious
  • neither religion nor civic propriety can quash urges (just ask Jimmy Swaggart) 
When I was growing up, I had a secret fantasy, but never told a soul. This would have been while still in junior high school.

I wanted to engage in a ménage à trois with the Doublemint Twins. 

Are you old enough to know of what I'm speaking? If not, then, here they are:

That's what boys want.

Next installment: Doggie Tie Racks Galore

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