The Year of the Horse

Casting out an axiom or two is typically a scary business, which is why so few people find the courage to do so. Rather remarkably, though, the auspices for our coming together were quite propitious, as you'll see. Writ large in the gemméd azure, as it were. Deep down inside, I sensed something exceedingly mystical and special going on.

In that year, 2014, the gods who oversee my life (all none of them; Akhenaten was only off by one) made flesh that single, unique person envisioned so many years ago.

I wrote the following the night it all became clear.


Midnight tonight marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Oriental astrology designates this as the Year of the Horse. According to the Star Tribune today (Jo Marshall, "A Festive Meal," January 30, 2014, p. T1) the interpretation is: victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. 

Well! Very prescient, but as good as the Chinese astrologers are, they made this prediction two weeks too late. As Mary Morstan questioned Dr. Watson in The Seven Percent Solution, "It has started?" He replied quietly,"Yes, it has started." And thus began an unexpected adventure, indeed.

In any event, come midnight, I will be toasting subtle smiles.


Yes, it had started. And looking back on it, I see how apt that business of "fast victories" was. We gave new meaning to the word frenetic. In that crazy winter, when we each found something long sought but never expected, we had two and even three dates per day---fifteen minutes at a time. I remember wondering what the neighbors must be thinking: "Say, that was quick, wasn't it!" They'd never understand exactly what we were finding in each other, and that every moment counted.

Either that or maybe they thought Social Services was putting in nonstop welfare checks.

Lily Langtry owned a secret house (paid for by you-know-who), and personally decorated it when it was built. Over the balcony she had the following motto inscribed:
They say...what they say...let them say.
The Year of the Horse was sort of like that.

Next installment: The Green Eyed Lady

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